Ragdoll Cat Patterns

The Color Point

The ears, face, legs and tail are darker in color than body color. Chest is lighter than body color. Colors available are seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, tortie, flame and cream.

Colored Ragdoll Cats Iowa

The Mitted

Front feet have even matched mittens. Back legs are white up to thigh. Chin is white. May have a blaze on the nose.

Ragdoll Cat Patterns

The Bicolor

The mask has an inverted white "V" with a pink nose. The chest, stomach, legs, feet and ruff are white. Available in all colors.

Seal and Blue Point

Brown or grey color on points and extremities with a much lighter body shade. Available in pointed, mitted and bicolor.

Lynx Point

Barring is from the tabby pattern with the color darker on the points. Available in pointed, mitted and bicolor.

The Tortie Point

Seal tortie point is brown with patches of a peachy red color. The blue tortie point is grey with patches of a lighter red called cream. Blue torties are also called "cream". When the lynx pattern is present it is called "torbie point". Tortie points are always female. All patterns are available.

Flame Point

The points are a reddish orange color. The body appears white. Patterns available are mitted, bicolor and lynx.

Cream Point

This color is a diluted color of flame or red. The points are a shade of peachy cream. Available in all patterns.

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